Current Matters at Grande Provence

The Exhibition

Current Matters is an exhibition of artworks by contemporary South African Artists, ranging from young emerging to well-known established artists’ interpretation of the theme – “dealing with relevant political, social, economical and religious issues concerning the well-being of our planet Earth.”

The artists involved in the exhibition are: Kevin Brand, David Brown, Jacques Dhont, Stephan Erasmus, Richard Forbes, Stephen Inggs, Henry Hopkins, Rhett Martyn, Paula Louw, JP Meyer, Susan Roux, Michael G. Smith, Zhann Solomons, Doreen Southwood, Chris Swift, Michael Taylor, Johann van der Schijff.

Chris Swift will be exhibiting a piece entitled ‘Pedagogue‘.

The Gallery

The Gallery at Grande Provence has established itself as a leading location for contemporary South African art and a home for some of the best known South African artists.

It is drawing a wide and diverse audience from around the globe as well as Southern Africa and has won itself a reputation for collectors of South African art both at home and from countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Ireland.

The Gallery features all the visual art forms, including painting, the graphic arts, sculpture, ceramics, and glass as well as jewellery from leading South African designers. Exhibitions change on a regular basis, usually with 6-weekly intervals.

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