Two thousand and fifty six

2056 at the current rate of deforestation will be the year all unprotected natural forests of the world will be depleted. This exhibition looked at parody’s of the preciousness of what we now take for granted, and involved making art out of found objects such as Yellow and White telephone directories (7.2 million printed in South Africa each year) and extracting nails from found wood to make rust drawings.

The Art

This exhibition comprised 10 works which were largely untitled:

  • 1,200 rusty nails (thorns) extracted from a ton of individually found pieces of wood laid on a found length of glass
  • Rust Drawing using extracted nails and sea salt on Fabriano
  • Wooden antlers in oak base setting with brass plaque
  • 600 white and yellow telephone directories
  • 4,000 duatone pieces of parquet flooring tiles
  • Giant match stick
  • School Desk with inscription carved into it
  • 4×4 print of various pieces of plank printed using a truck for pressure
  • One lone tree print: woodblock print of Acaccia tree carved from Acaccia wood block
  • Scorched earth: Lytho print over Photolytho print of stacked telephone directories