Bio of Chris Swift




I enjoy finding ways of documenting or commenting on both the problems and the possibility of answers through the discarded, whether: trash, detritus or the waste of human talents in the form of unemployment. I say I ‘find ways’, but it is more like the ways find me to express themselves as a last resort, such as the old Robben Island Prison fence or a batch of black condoms from a curious arms deal between South Africa and Germany.

One cannot extract Europe from Africa’s past, and similarly, on this rapidly reducing planet, neither continent will be able to survive the future in isolation. We need to better understand each other to work out how to achieve the best from each other. The time of arrogance or ignorance must pass. Communication, teaching and learning is possible through art.

Based on the ideas of creativity, education and intelligence by Sir Ken Robinson, we live in a world of great challenge, and I adhere to his re-appropriation of Einstein’s principal that the problems cannot be solved with the same kind of thinking that created them.


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