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‘Decoy’ Afrikaburn 2012 Mirage Theme Collaboration with Daniella Mooney Mirage Fighter Jet F1 CZ tail Variable: 310cm x 160cm plus Air Brake Parachute When I first stood in the presence of Fiona Banner’s ‘Harrier & Jaguar’, I couldn’t get over the tantalizing physical relationship created by combining an object of such industrial beauty and awe […]

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Pharox (2011)

PHAROX AFTER THE LIGHTHOUSE AT ALEXANDRIA CONCEIVED FOR COP17 (2011) The event is a public sculpture designed to highlight Durban as a gateway to modern thinking and new possibilities – an attitude that can open up future possibilities to the rest of Africa, and certainly to the world. A physical and cerebral tourist attraction. More […]

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The Wheel of Fortune (2012)

The Wheel of Fortune I spent 2 years in Newcastle growing up. We rented a home in a mining community approx 23km SE toward Chelmsford Dam. It was a place where the small group of white kids ran around barefoot, built forts in the pine forest, played hide and seek in the mielie fields, had […]

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